Each vote for the server will give you

- 1 Diamond 
- 1 Emerald
- 20 EXP
- $200 
- 50 Claim blocks

You can vote for the server 5 times per day by voting on each of the links above.

For each vote you have a 25% chance of winning a vote crate key and a 10% chance of winning an extra 5 diamonds and a loot crate key to be used at /warp crates.

The highest voter at the end of each month will recieve a rank upgrade (You could also choose gift this to another player) 
If you are the highest voter of the month, e-mail elitecraft@outlook.com with your username (or the username of the player you wish to gift to) to let us know, if there are multiple voters that have the highest amount of votes those tied will all recieve a rank upgrade