Meet The EliteCraft Staff Team

Name/IGN: Jay4
Age: 20
Location:  UK
About me: 

Hi I'm Jay, currently I'm a college student. I created my first server in fall of 2011, where I gained lots of experience running a server before I founded EliteCraft in May of 2012. Since then I've worked very hard to create and maintain the best community in Minecraft :D 


Name/IGN: Tom (death2colin)
Age: 19
Location:  United States
About me: 
Hi everyone, i'm Tom, I am currently a full-time student in Florida, as well as part-time in the US Army National Guard. I was fortunate to have found this amazing community here at EliteCraft in the Summer of 2012, shortly after the servers founding. Since then I have spent close to 4 years as staff, serving in all positions, including Trial-Mod through Admin, and for a short period of time, acted as the Co-Owner of EliteCraft. I have spent hours working hard to better the playing experience of our community and to give you, our family, the best experience possible. I hope to see you guys around the server and feel free to contact me if you ever have questions, concerns, or just want to talk :)
Discord: death2colin #4249
Skype: death2colin


Currently Open Positions Available: Apply Online @ :)


munchie127 (Munchie) - Helper
 Currently Open Positions Available: Apply Online @ :)

Staff ranks
Owner - Creator of the EliteCraft server, manages the server and website.
Admin - A full-time Admin on our server who assists the owner.
ModA full-time Moderator.
Trial-ModA person who is on trial to become Moderator. This period usually lasts between 4-6 weeks, but can vary depending on the player.
Helper - A loyal member of the server who is here to help.
RetiredStaff who have been part of the team for at least 60 days, and have chosen to retire or became inactive for more than 45 days (without reason).
Retired Staff

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