How do I apply for staff?

Hyetal posted Jun 19, 14

Hello! In order to avoid confusion as to which server you are applying for, we have linked the applications here. As we have recently reverted back to a Survival PvE only server, only our build applications are opened.

To apply for our Build server click here.

As always, a good application should be at least a couple of paragraphs and applicants should be at least aged 15 or older. This is due to maturity reasons mainly and ID will be requested if you are successful with your application. 
Turnaround time for an application response can be anywhere from a few days to a few months depending on how long the overall staff decision takes.
Thanks for reading and good luck! :)
JoeTTL So are we allowed to apply for staff even though we are younger than 15? Or is that only if staff are offline.
steve890809 Well staff r awesome and must have been so nervous when they applied <--- (what has that got to do with applying!...
Maverickk_ Could a person younger than 15 be accepted to become staff if they are quite mature?