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Well...this is my introduction....

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I suppose I should jump into an introduction since ive been here a few weeks.
A little about who I am:
Well, my name is Lillian (I guess thats obvious). I am Afghan American and live in Tennesse (previously in California). Im 21 years old, work full time (night shift... wooo) and will hopefully return to school soon as well. English is not my first language so, Im a bit rusty there. But I also suck at my true first language....sooooo..... forgive my awful writing lol.
My minecraft experience (thus far):
I believe I originally created my account in mid 2012. A friend invited me over, we played on her account, I kinda got addicted, and next day I had an account... lol. We ended up actually opening a small server together, that a few of our friends from school played on. Wasnt anything spectacular... lol. She later moved so we closed that server permanently.
Ive modded and admined on a few different servers between 2013-2016, one being a rather large community of modded servers. However I eventually had to step away with school and work taking too much of my time to dedicate to the server. I have to admit, I was an awful person during these years... :lol:
I enjoyed a lot of PvP type servers during this time, and the more intricate, the more I seemed to like it. KitPvP, minigames, etc, were what I wanted. I wanted the action, because, why not?
I actually stopped playing minecraft fully from 2016-2018
While I enjoyed those paths, I have returned to minecraft, simply to be a player. A way for me to wind down at the end of the day, meet new friends, and just have some fun
My time with elite craft:
I was randomly looking through servers, wanting to find a more traditional PvE server to chill on. Id grown tired of minigames... lol
I came across this server and decided to try it out. I want to say that was.... 3 weeks ago? Well, Now Im here for the long run lol.
I was welcomed by many and have made friends from all over the world already. The community is lovely and I think that was the ultimate reason I decided to stick around.
Posted Feb 9, 19 · OP · Last edited Feb 9, 19
Haiiiii Lillian! I of course know you from the server (sorry for teleporting and sending you random messages intended for a Sam). A lovely history! I reckon I started around the same time, it was 1.5 beta and i joined a server immediately which I fell in love with. I quit minecraft when that server closed down, around 1.3 or so. I only came back nearly a year ago after a good 6 year absence! With your history in mini games, why not build a few little fun things for the server? Could be a fun challenge! Glad you’re sticking around :)

Kindest regards,
Posted Sun at 08:15 pm