Hey EliteCraft!

As you might know, I own Golden Gorge, the first town established on the new world. I am calling all passionate builders to add a bit to the town. Anyone is welcome to join the town, just ask me and I'll add you in. If you build something in my town, you will be put into the Hall of Fame, located behind the tree farm at /warp GoldenGorge. If you donate to the town, which can be only done through me, you will also be put into the Hall of Fame (minimum donations 5k, maximum donations ∞).

In regards to the buildings, it will be a part of the town. Claim an area directly outside the town's claim, precisely connected to the rest of the town. Please, for my convenience, /trust and /permissiontrust me (IGN: Jeeb_) so I can build a pathway to your build.

The best build by the end of the year will get $1,000,000 in game currency, the second and third best will get $500,000 and $250,000 respectively! Enter the competition by adding an easily distinguishable sign to your build that says: #GoldenGorge and your IGN below.

Finally, please notify me on Discord (Jeeb_#6467) or in-game if you are going to start a build and tell me where you will build it.

Thanks for your time!