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Custom Rank Perks - Additional commands

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This is for Custom rank donors who are not sure what additional commands they can have.

As you know, you can choose 3 additional permissions/commands and here is a list some of the that can be given.

  • /tppos - Ability to teleport to co-ordinates
  • /heal <Name> - Heal other players
  • /seen - See when a player last logged in (You will not be able to see their IP/Login Location)
  • Silent Join - Ability to join the server without the Welcome Message
  • /top - Teleport you to the highest block at your location.
  • Access to bold nicknames
  • Access to Italic nicknames
  • Access to /fly in the Nether! [inappropriate use of this command will result in punishment and removal of the permission]

You may also change the name/colour of your rank up to 3 times in the first 14 days after you've bought it, to make sure you get the perfect rank :)

If you want more than 3 additional permissions, you can buy more, e-mail for details

This is not a complete list and if you want something else, contact Jay or an Admin and we will put it up for consideration.

More coming soon
- Stew & Jay
Posted May 29, 17 · OP · Last edited Feb 27, 18
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Moved for visibility - if you have any suggestions for potential new, fair commands we could add for custom ranks, let us know in a new forum post or on Discord :)
Posted Nov 4, 17