EliteCraft Staff II

[Owner] Jay98d
Jay98d @ Build
posted Oct 31, 17
Meet The EliteCraft Staff Team

Name/IGN: Jay (Jay98d)
Age: 19
Location: Liverpool, England
About me: 

Hi I'm Jay, a student at the University of Liverpool. I created my first server in fall of 2011, where I gained lots of experience running a server before I founded EliteCraft in May of 2012. Since then I've worked very hard to create and maintain the best community in Minecraft :D 

Name/IGN: ??? (Mr Broadcast)
Age: ???
Location: Unknown
About me:

Name/IGN: Trinitol
Location: UK
About me:
Name/IGN: James (Goldbender1122) - Mod
Age:  19
Location: Canada
About me:
Good Morrow! I am Gold. I am a first year university student, studying history and theology. As you can see I am a humble staff member and community of EC. Ask me questions either on the server or @Gold on Discord, to say 'Hi' or need help! Welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay! :)
Name/IGN: Jason - (Tempis84)- Mod
Age:  34
Location: Australia
About me:
Name:IGN: Rob (Robroy64)- Mod
Age: 70
Location: UK
About me:
Name/IGN: Matty (Matty0770)- Helper
Age: 19
Location: UK
About me:
Name/IGN: Jarod (JayTay2015) - Helper
Age: 20
Location: USA
About me:
Hi, I’m Jarod L Taylor, but my name is legally getting changed to Quindecim L Taylor. I’m 5’9”, have dark blonde hair and wear glasses because I stare at my phone too often. I enjoy playing minecraft more than anything other game due to the limitless amount of imagination and creativity one can apply. Also, with that mindset, I was able to write a book titled: Guardian of Old. I graduated high school in 2015, and am getting ready for college in a place called Bowling Green University. I will be studying Architecture. Though, to save up funds, I work at a place called O’ Reilly Auto Parts. I live in a small town called Delphos, in the state of Ohio in the USA. I love reading almost more than anything else in the world, and soon will have a full blown library in my home. I have 2 doggies, Bella and Chuppy, and 4 puppies birthed by Bella. Thanks for letting me have the opportunity to be a staff member for this wonderful server!
Staff ranks
Owner - Original creator of the server, in manages the server and website.
Developer -  A full-time Admin who ensures the server and website are updated and working properly.
Admin - A full-time Admin on our server.
Mod - A full-time Moderator.
Trial-Mod - A person who is on trial to become staff, this period usually lasts between 4-6 weeks, but can vary depending on the player.
Helper - A loyal member of the server who is here to help.
Retired - Staff who have been part of the team for at least 60 days, and have chosen to retire or became inactive for more than 30 days (without reason).
Retired Staff

Retired - ScottiNitro, netlizard, stringsbeast, Shawzaam20 Gooeykk123, Thebel89 katie1011, komo619, Tonyboi20, a7xRaver, unique_Monkey, Lucy225, dredsen72, MissGizmo, Polarbearz, ssundde, brutalloyalties, Leopled1, Incred1ble, Jibba, maggi3, Exarchian, clockwork27, Miss_Jenni, Hyetal, groovyloopylou, Kyogrodon99, Horus175, J_d23, TurboMintyFresh, gympower1, skanlie, MrsChantilly, throbin_hood, Jason7571, death2colin, oliversib

(Banned: Intransigent, BrutalFish264, DisllexiaReuls)