Rank Commands!

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posted Jan 7, 17
Premium ranks (ranks bought from the store) are all universal, so you have our rank throughout any of our servers or worlds.

All commands are inherent, meaning if you have a higher rank, you'll have all permissions from ranks below them. For example King has all VIP benefits etc.

/spawn - Brings you back to server spawn
/rules -
/list or /who
/ar check
/kit guide
/auc help
/auc start [amount]
/auc hand [amount]
/auc end
/auc cancel
/bid [amount]
/pay [player] [amount]
/msg [player]
/warp [name]
/kit claim
/ht lock
/ht unlock
Buy and sell from chest shops.
/realname [nick]
/spleef join 1

/shop create <quantity> <sell price> <buy price>
Elite+ - £5.99
/gf - spawn in your very own glowfriend!
Access to Bat and Chicken Pets!
VIP - £9.99
Ability to use lava buckets and flint and steel!
32 Diamonds In game Upon Donation.
/back - Returns you to your previous location
Ability to join the server even when we're full!
/repair - Ability to repair your damaged tools and armor
/ignore <name> - Mutes another player for just you.
/ci - Clears your inventory.
/craft - Access to a portable crafting table.
Indigo name and prefix in chat and on the forum. (If you have an account)
/recipe <item> - View the crafting recipe for any item.
/pet - access to chicken and cow pets! 
/gadgets - Open the gadgets GUI
Access to player rider!
All commands from Elite+
Exempt from AFK kick

Legend - £19.99
/god - Makes you invincible to all damage
Can set up to five homes with /sethome [name]
Ability to use the compass mod
/tpahere - Requests someone to teleport to you.
You will keep your items if you die!
64 Diamonds in game upon donation
/heal - Heals your health and hunger to full in-game.
/recipe - Gives you the recipe for any given item you enter. Example - /recipe piston
Gold name and prefix in chat and on the forum. (If you have an account)
/pet - Access to Bat, Pig, sheep and Zombie pets
All commands and benefits from Elite+ and VIP.

King - £29.99
/near - Shows all players within a certain range from you
Ability to set 10 homes with /sethome [name]
The Compass Mod!
/nick - Change your in-game name
A gift of 96 Diamonds!
/tp - TP to anyone, no requests!
Access to color chat! (Use &0-9 and &a-f before your message Example: &6Hello!)
Aqua name and prefix in chat and on the forum
/pet - Access to Spider, Creeper, skeleton and Enderman pets
/dis - Disguise as mobs!
All commands and benefits from Elite+, VIP and Legend

God - £39.99
/vanish - Turn invisible to other players
Ability to set up to 15 homes with /sethome [name]
128 diamonds
Access to /weather - Choose the server weather!
Bypass the Anti-spam filter (Do not abuse this)
Bypass the Chat-limiter (Do not abuse this)
Red name and prefix in chat and on the forum. (If you have an account)
/pet - Access to Ocelot, Wolf, Squid and Villager pets
/dis All Disguises!
All commands and benefits from Elite+, VIP, Legend and King.

Ultimate - £49.99

/tptoggle - Enables/disables teleportation
Ability to use coloured text on signs
Access to a coloured /nick
Ability to set 20 homes with /sethome [name]
Access to /hat - Allows you to wear the item in hand on your head.
A gift of 150 diamonds!
Level 30 in-game to let you give an item of your choice a maximum enchantment.
Access to /ptime - Choose the player time
Purple name and prefix in chat and on the forum. (If you have an account)
Access to CaveSpider, Horse, IronGolem, MagmaCube, MushroomCow, Slime, Snowman, witch and Blaze pets
All commands and benefits from Elite+, VIP, Legend, King and God.

Emerald - £99.99
/setwarp - Sets a warp at current location
/speed - changes the walking and/or flying speed
/kittycannon - Fire little furballs at everyone
Your name on a sign at spawn

Light green name (can ask an admin for a coloured name)

/co i
/co l
/co rollback
/co restore
Right to earn Retired rank after 60 continuous days of Service followed by 30 days of absence or honorable resignation.
nikko89 Add also commands that customs can get would have been rly nice
i_Legend27 Please add commands for ranks Ruby- Platinum
Kman1max please add commands for creative and skyblock to the lists